Ute Kaiser - Concept and Voice
Gabriela Börschmann - Voice
Martin Molitor - Voice

In cooperation with and kindly supported by Olga Benario’s daughter,
Anita Leocádia Prestes, and the author and publisher Robert Cohen.

The premiere took place on September, 14th 2017 at the NS Documentation Centre in Munich, Germany
Further performances took place on 2 May 2018 at the Gallus Theater in Frankfurt am Main and on 7 July 2018 at the Mahn-und Gedenkstätte Ravensbrück.

The next performance dates will be announced soon!
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Ute Kaiser | Gabriela Börschmann | Martin Molitor

The idea is to interlink the essence of two books:

First book: Die Unbeugsamen (The unbending)
Olga Benario - Luiz Carlos Prestes: Correspondence between jail and concentration camp
(published 2013)
The correspondence of letters between Olga Benario and Luis Carlos Prestes shines with great dignity and humanity in a most atrocious situation. This is a literary memorial!

Second book: Der Vorgang Benario (The Benario Instance)
The Gestapo files 1936-1942
(published 2016)
The first book about the collection of Nazi „documentation trophies“, for the first time available for the public, 70 years after the end of the war, provides insight into the flagrant and energetic effort of government controlled mass murder.

„The ›Benario instance‹, as the Gestapo called it, may be the most comprehensive collection of documents about one individual victim of the holocaust.“ (Robert Cohen, 2016)
The selection, that had been chosen by Robert Cohen out of more than 2000 pages from the ›Benario instance‹ about Olga Benario, inspired the actress Ute Kaiser and her colleagues Gabriela Börschmann and Martin Molitor to perform this dramatic reading.

A literary memorial!

Excerpts from the preface in „Der Vorgang Benario“ („The Benario instance“)
„On April 9th 2015 a solemn opening took place at the armed forces museum in Moscow (…). The occasion for it was the online publication of never before available files from the German Reich out of Russian archieves.

Among thousands of already digitalized documents there is a dossier of eight files from the Gestapo - almost two thousand pages - all about one single person: Olga Benario. This dossier is incomparable and provides extensive insight into the Gestapo’s concerns.

Through their meticulous documentation of the Benario Instance, the perpetrators created a profound portrait of themselves; revealing their ideologies, enforcements, mechanisms, organisations and structures they controlled.