Without the collaboration of
Prof. Dr. Robert Cohen, New York, this CD would not be possible, our thanks go to him!

We are equally grateful to the people, foundations and associations who supported the project and provieded financial assisteance with its realization:

Andreas Dickerboom and Gegen Vergessen für Demokratie e.V. (Against Forgetting - For Democracy e.V.)
Holger Koppe Foundation
BGAG Foundation Walter Hesselbach
Friedrich Ebert Foundation
Gabriele Goldbach and Eberhard Wenzel

We thank
Yoni and Aliza Ziegler, who made the recordings possible at Studio iCast in Tel Aviv, and Kristin Graf, who made her Berlin studio available to us.

Thanks to
Klaus Kugel and Ulrich Seipel for the technical realization, and to Andrea Silbermann for the graphic design of the audio book.

We are deeply indebted to
Professora Anita Leocádia Prestes, the daughter of Olga Benario and Luiz Carlos Prestes. She followed the creation of this audio book from Brazil and supported us in everything.
From the bottom of our hearts thanks e um abraço bem forte!