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FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU: " (...) breathtaking insight into the tenacious nature of evil and good, (...) Now concentrated on the CD to 76 completely undecorated minutes."
- Judith v. Sternburg, 05/07/2020

NDR 1 Radio MV Kulturjournal: " (...) with this, Ute Kaiser has in turn presented an impressive audio book, about an extraordinary life, an extraordinary woman, who should not be forgotten."
- Wolfram Pilz, 05/19/2020

JUNGE WELT: " (...) Just as the perpetrators give information about themselves and their ideas of (un)human life, Prestes' and Benario's letters show that the fight for a just world also includes kisses, hugs and tenderness. (...) The new audio book can encourage us to take the fascist danger seriously."
- Klaus Weber, 05/29/2020

BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK / Bavarian Radio: Audiobook of the week!
"(...) The contrast between the intimate language of the two lovers and the coldly calculating idiom employed by the Nazis could not be expressed more sharply - (...) "
- Annegret Arnold, 19. 06. 2020 [more reviews].

BAYERISCHER RUNDFUNK: Audiobook of the week!
" (...) The contrast between the intimate language of the two lovers and the calculating official language of the Nazis could not be MORE SHARPLY expressed - (...) "
- Annegret Arnold, 06/19/2020

MAGDEBURGER VOLKSSTIMME: " (...) One hears in every line how distant the worlds of the victim and the perpetrators were. The audio book connects these worlds and lets them lie very close to each other. (...) These are texts by those responsible for a totalitarian regime that imprisoned without condemnation and elevated itself above dissenters. (...) "
- Grit Warnat, 07/06/2020

SCHWERINER VOLKSZEITUNG: "Ute Kaiser brings a dark chapter of German history to life with her Olga Benario project."
- Karin Koslik, 08/29/2020

WDR 5 audio book magazine "Ohrclip": "A remarkable audio book."
- Marija Bakker, 08/29/2020

WDR 5:"...Contrasting and gripping audio contemporary history."
- Renate Naber, 10/19/2020

HESSISCHER RUNDFUNK: hr 2Kultur Radio "Hörbuchzeit": "A really important audio book, especially for the international Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27."
- Ursula May, 01/16/2021

WDR 5 Ohrclip - "Der Literaturabend": "(...) The montage impressively documents the story of Olga Benario, who was born in Munich in 1908 as the daughter of German-Jewish parents (...). WDR 5 Ohrclip broadcasts parts (52 minutes) of this remarkable and gripping reading. (...)"
- Editing: Renate Naber, 04/17 and 04/18 /2021, and one week as podcast on the net.

Saarlänischer Rundfunk, SR 2 Kulturradio "Literatur im Gespräch" - Audiobook tip: "(...) Gabriela Börschmann, who reads the parts from the Gestapo files, is able to believably present the bureaucratic contempt for humanity of the functionaries that speaks from the documents. (...) As a listener, one is repeatedly very touched, (...) The very sensitive way in which Ute Kaiser and Martin Molitor read the letters of Olga Benario and Luiz Carlos Prestes also contributes to this impression. The intense feeling arises that one can actually hear the two lovers, (...)." - Elisa Teichmann 06/ 09/ 2021 and in the ARD Media Center