In 2005 Robert Cohen was professor for German philology at the New York University, when the actress Ute Kaiser was invited to do a reading in the German House. Since that meeting, Robert and Ute have developed a wonderful friendship.

Together they read excerpts from the correspondence between Olga Benario and Luiz Carlos Prestes in New York and Berlin in 2014. This correspondence had been published by Robert Cohen titled „The unbending - Correspondence between jail and concentration camp“ in 2013.

In Summer 2016 Robert Cohen published „The Benario instance - The Gestapo files 1936-1942“.

They each have a commitment to sharing the life and history of Olga Benario through dramatic readings of these texts to audiences in Germany and Israel.
For this project Ute Kaiser took two friendly colleagues by her side.

Gabriela Börschmann Ziegler has been living and working in Tel Aviv since 2010. With her Israeli husband and their two daughters, Gabriela is immersed in life in Israeli society.

The actor
Martin Molitor and Ute Kaiser have worked together at Prinz-Regent theatre in Bochum, Germany between 2002 and 2005. Martin has spent a lot of time in Brazil during the 1990’s and is deeply connected to the country and its culture. The story of Olga Benario an Luiz Carlos Prestes is still pervasive in Brazil.