Actually we would like to express our warmest thanks to Sylvia Pötschke (employee of the Ehrenamstifung MV, Güstrow) for her personal support of our Israel trip and the realization of the English translation of our reading.

Anita Leocádia Prestes

daughter of Olga Benario and Luiz Carlos Prestes, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

Prof. Dr. Robert Cohen
writer and German philologist, New York

Eberhard Wenzel
senior teacher for chemistry and physics, Darmstadt, Germany

Levi Psavkin
trustee of an exhibition about Olga Benario in Tel Aviv, Israel

Aliza Ziegler
editor and publisher, Tel Aviv, Israel

Judith Rothem
authoress, Israel

Shai Tzur
editor, Tel Aviv, Israel

Yoni Ziegler
director for TV and film, Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Uli Marienfeld
headmaster of the Elisabeth Abbed elementary school, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Tanja Seider
political scientist, tutor at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Beer Sheva, Israel

Laura Winter
authoress, Portland, Oregon, USA

Klaus Kugel
Webmaster, Germany